Omega Express Ltd. provides corporate businesses supports with innovative technology-basedsolutions to optimize our clientʼs logistics and supply related hassles. Our unique features arebuilding a great difference based on commitments and quality ensuring exercises.

1. Import/Export Related Support

We are very professional in Import/Export related shipments. Since our company has started the journey we focused on mainly in garments industry. That's why we know the importance of our clients most valuable shipments.

2. Local area transport support

As our economy is growing day by day our transport support offers also change with it. We provide all kinds of vehicle whether it is open truck or covered van at anywhere in the country. Basically for the garments industry local service is very important to meet the shipment schedule with dying and washing plant.

3. Partload or parcel support

For small shipment or small industries, partload or parcel service is one of the most important service. Small business doesn't need to rent a whole vehicle for their low volume goods. They can use our partload or parcel service to save their money, time and brain.

4. C&F related support

We also provide all kind of custom related support to our valued clients. We always want to provide our customer a smooth, tension and hassle free life. Our partner C&F company is always ready to help you anytime.


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